• Color No.: BS81322-6
  • Size: 1220*183mm,1220*150mm,1500*231mm,606*303mm, ect

  • ♦ Durable
    ♦ Stylish
    ♦ Comfortable
    ♦ Low-maintenance
    ♦ Easy Installation
    ♦ Eco-friendly
    ♦ Sound Insulation
    ♦ Versatility
    ♦ Hygienic
    ♦ Cost-effective

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    WPC flooring, or Wood Plastic Composite flooring, is an advanced hybrid flooring that combines the natural beauty of wood with the durability and resilience of plastic. Comprised of a composite core made from recycled wood fibers and plastic materials, WPC flooring is waterproof, highly resistant to wear and decay, and provides a stable, long-lasting surface. This unique blend of materials results in a flooring option that captures the authentic look of wood while delivering enhanced performance, making it suitable for various environments including residential and commercial spaces.

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