What Is EIR?——Embossed In Register

What Is EIR?——Embossed In Register

With so many floors to choose from today, it is difficult to choose the perfect floor for your home or business. 
Technological advancements have given the floor the beautiful look and feel of natural wood-but better.
EIR (Embossed in Register) Surface is one of the new technology widely used in floors, both laminate flooring or spc vinyl flooring.

What is EIR?

EIR is a pressing technology that uses the embossed steel plate and the decorative paper wood grain, to make the unevenness and color changes on the surface of the plank are consistent with the changes in the natural texture of the wood. It solves the shortcomings of ordinary embossed flooring tiles with rigid colors, mechanical textures, unnatural bumps and undulations, and "like in appearance but not in spirit".

It is also the technique of matching the pattern on the decorative paper with the pattern of the pressing template during the pressing process of the decorative color paper, to press the embossed, three-dimensional, clear texture veneer appearance. Especially for spc flooring, it is popular as its fire resistance, water resistance, and anti-scratch, but it does not have the three-dimensional texture of solid wood, and EIR texture makes up for this deficiency.

Advantages of EIR texture SPC Flooring

1. It is more environmentally friendly due to the strict requirements for environmental protection. Choosing an environmentally friendly floor tile is a health guarantee for home life.

2. It can be made as the rigid core vinyl flooring

3. Compared with hardwood flooring, it is high quality and cost-efficient. But the effect is close to hardwood flooring and the price is cheaper.

4. It has hundreds of colors to choose from, can match different kinds of furniture.

Post time: Feb-20-2023